BAUER Lean-Engineering GmbH

Schlanke Produktionssysteme - Innovative Elektroblechverarbeitung

Tool Design

Do you have a capacity bottleneck in the design of a punching tool for electrical sheets or are you looking for a neutral partner who can support you in getting started in the stamping of electrical sheets? Then you will find the right solution with us:

  • Single notching tools and tool frames
  • Tools for blanks
  • Single hit tools
  • Prototype tools
  • Progression tools for large series production
  • Devices to support the stamping process

Depending on the product requirements we design progression tools with the following features :

  • Single and multi-track punching tools
  • Single and multi-sectional tools
  • With / without stacking
  • With / without indexing function
  • With / without back pressure system
  • Activated functions
  • Tool monitoring
  • Interface to product discharge
Experimental tool Experimental tool - exchangeable product inserts


For design projects we take your design and manufacturing standards into account. If necessary, we will also support you in setting up / expanding your in-house standards.

At the end of the design project we deliver besides the design data

  • assembly,
  • adjustment,
  • and maintenance instructions,
  • coordinate the manufacturing strategies for the components with your experts if required
  • and provide support during assembly, tool adjustment, tool tryout and SOP


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